The world has rapidly changed over the last few years and businesses have to adapt to these changes to survive and thrive. People are used to working in offices where communication is easy and the problems can be solved as soon as they arise. Though, work from home exposes new obstacles to efficient team collaboration. Communication is an essential part of any project and it is the first one to be afflicted by remote work.

The importance of smooth and efficient communication rises significantly when working through a business web application since the team has to be organized and synced…

Thats a captivating point of view from a developers side, never heard about emergency coding before. Though, I wrote about scrum in my previous article now I understand even better why companies are using slack standup bots since sometimes the time is higher priority. Thanks for sharing Emanuel, I truly enjoyed reading!

Best practices to help managers all over the world stay connected to their team and keep the workflow going efficiently while keeping employees motivated and healthy.

According to the SHRM research, more than ⅓ of employers is now facing a problem of maintaining the company’s culture and shifting communication to the online world. Interaction of team members was always a serious matter for managers and pandemic has only exacerbated it. But why is it even important to keep your workers mentally healthy and motivated to work? Isn’t money rewarding as a salary enough for them?

The answer lies in the…

Aleksandra Kulkova

I'm a young and passionate marketing specialst from Finland eager to help business grow and thrive.

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